WhiteWall Ambassador Program

The WhiteWall Ambassadors include some of the world’s most distinguished, talented, and influential professional photographers working in the industry today. They have set themselves apart by developing their own inimitable styles, and together they represent different genres in modern photography.

When it comes to their trust in WhiteWall and the award-winning quality it is internationally known for, their names and passion are representative of the many facets of contemporary photography. As loyal partners, the ambassadors and WhiteWall are committed to capturing special moments and presenting them uniquely and in the best possible quality. Together with WhiteWall, they are working toward a common goal: to create high-quality photography, explore new possibilities, and inspire others. In workshops, in social networks, and at trade fairs, this unique project includes a broad range of ways to exchange ideas, perfect for photo enthusiasts and professional photographers alike.

Our Ambassadors