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Framed Prints From WhiteWall

When you order framed prints from WhiteWall, we make them with the greatest attention to detail in our in-house workshop. In the exact custom size you want!


Solid wood frame with passe-partout Bestseller
Solid wood frame with passe-partout DISCOVER NOW
Solid Wood Frame With Passe-Partout
  • A classic look: Directs focus to your photo
  • 10 colors for single or double matting
  • Choose from numerous frames in various colors
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from just $ 160.95


Floater frame Bestseller
Floater frame DISCOVER NOW
Floater Frame
  • Effective space between picture and frame
  • Different frame mouldings and colors to choose from
  • Sophisticated frame for canvas or mounted prints
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from just $ 69.90


Aluminium ArtBox
Aluminium ArtBox DISCOVER NOW
Aluminium ArtBox
  • Elegant aluminium floater frame
  • The look: Delicate from the front
  • Selection of diverse substrates and frame depths
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from just $ 69.90


Solid wood ArtBox
Solid wood ArtBox DISCOVER NOW
Solid Wood ArtBox
  • Special solid wood frame with a depth of 35 mm
  • The look: delicate width, impressive depth from the side
  • 4 frame looks and different substrates to choose from
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from just $ 49.90


Gallery Frame
Gallery Frame DISCOVER NOW
Gallery Frame
  • 10 different frame mouldings from modern to classic
  • Large selection of colors and frame widths
  • Choose from various substrates including acrylic glass
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from just $ 64.90


Acrylic Print with Slimline Case
Acrylic Print with Slimline Case DISCOVER NOW
Acrylic Print With Slimline Case
  • NEW: 4 Colours to Choose from
  • A modern aluminium case, just 1 mm wide
  • The perfect finishing touch for your acrylic print
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from just $ 49.90


Shadow box frame
Shadow box frame DISCOVER NOW
Shadow Box Frame
  • Showcase effect: Eye-catching display in an extra-deep frame
  • 4 different options for presenting your picture
  • Available with floating mat board
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from just $ 109.90


Create Photo Print with Pop Art Frame NEW
Order Print with Pop Art Frame DISCOVER NOW
Print with Pop Art Frame
  • Glossy acrylic glass frame
  • Colourful versions with a neon effect
  • Floating effect created through small gap
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from just $ 59.90


Print with Acrylic Box Frame NEW
Print with Acrylic Box Frame DISCOVER NOW
Print with Acrylic Box Frame
  • Box frame made from crystal clear acrylic glass
  • Total visibility from all sides
  • Impressive depth for a sculptural character
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from just $ 64.90

Photos with Frames from WhiteWall – The Advantages

  • In-house frame workshop In-house frame workshop

  • 80 different frame models 80 different frame models

  • Select from diverse types of print Select from diverse types of print
  • Individual and custom formats Individual and custom formats
  • Wall-mount included Wall-mount included


What Our Customers Are Saving About Framed Pictures

  • The last set of framed pictures I ordered were shown in an exhibition. The visitors were all impressed by how brilliant the images were as well as how flawlessly they were framed.
  • The phenomenal quality of WhiteWall products has led me to order many photo gifts and large-format, framed acrylic glass prints. I am absolutely thrilled with the premium quality of each and every product. I will order here again!
  • Great product, the frame is beautiful and solidly put together, and they offered flexible delivery for larger framed prints.
  • I am extremely satisfied with WhiteWall. The photo and frame look fantastic!
  • The quality and color reproduction really stand out!

An Overview Of Our Photos With Frames


Solid Wood Frame with Passe-partout


Floater Frame


Aluminum ArtBox


Solid wood ArtBox


Gallery Frame
Solid Wood Frame with Passe-partout Floater Frame Aluminum ArtBox Solid wood ArtBox Gallery Frame
Picture Frame Material Solid wood, real wood veneer Solid wood, real wood veneer Aluminum Solid wood, real wood veneer Solid wood, real wood veneer
Print Options Different types of paper for Fine Art prints or photographic prints Prints, prints on foam board, metal prints, canvas prints, or acrylic prints Prints, prints on foam board, metal prints, or acrylic prints Prints, prints on foam board, metal prints, or acrylic prints Prints, prints on foam board, metal prints, canvas prints, or acrylic prints
Picture Sizes 10 x 10 cm
110 x 70 cm
15 x 15 cm
270 x 180 cm
15 x 15 cm
200 x 122 cm
19 x 19 cm
80 x 120 cm
15 x 15 cm
182 x 124 cm
Formats Standard & custom sizes Standard & custom sizes Standard & custom sizes Standard & custom sizes Standard & custom sizes
Gap (Floating Effect) n/a 7 mm 4 mm n/a n/a
Unique Feature Quality frames with a gallery look to put extra focus on the image Sophisticated picture frame with a gap between image and frame for a floating effect Modern frame, variable depth up to 75 mm for a more sculptural look A subtle frame width, yet 25 mm deep for a sculptural feel Large selection of frame models with a warm & classic look
Over 100 Awards & Recommendations
  • Editor's Choice
  • Digital Photographer
  • Chasseur d'image
  • HOT One
  • Digital Camera
  • Digital Camera
  • Digital Camera
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Your photo in a picture frame:
a stylish border for your best images

With the high-quality picture frames from WhiteWall’s frame workshop, you can help your best photos become even more stunning. Select a unique frame from five different frame products and a huge selection of colors, materials, and profile widths. On aluminum, under acrylic glass, on canvas or Forex®, or with a passe-partout - wherever finishing and mounting options are concerned, there are myriad possibilities available to you.

Solid wood frame with passe-partout

The solid wood frame with passe-partout complements your photograph in a classically decorative fashion: A passe-partout made from the finest museum card stock (available in 10 colors ) puts the focus on the image. With a double passe-partout, you can strengthen this effect and supplement the decorative character of the passe-partouts themselves.

You can choose from 4 different frame profiles in numerous wood and color variations. Before you can hang up your picture, you’ll just have to select one of our 9 high-end photo papers from Hahnemühle, Fujicolor, Kodak, and Ilford — all of which meet the highest standards.

Solid wood frame

WhiteWall’s solid wood frames understatedly support your image’s message with elegant, decorative frame profiles: 29 different profiles in many different materials and colors ensure the individuality of your picture’s frame.

In conjunction with canvas, our solid wood frames create a lively materiality. Framed acrylic glass gives your image brilliance and optical depth. The solid wood frame with aluminum Dibond creates a puristic, modern presentation.

Floater frame

Present your best photographs in a high-end, contemporary gallery look. In a floater frame, your photo appears to float, thanks to a 7 mm gap between the picture and the frame’s moulding which optically “lifts” the image. Choose from a variety of different materials and colors to support or contrast the image’s message.

With a thin profile, you get a classically understated frame, whereas a wide profile really makes your picture stand out. Present your image in a floater frame as a gallery-quality, individual work.

Solid wood ArtBox

The solid wood ArtBox gives your photo a natural, simple appearance, but thanks to its 35 mm depth, your image will have a more prominent character. It is available in four colors . Viewed from the front, the frame provides an understated border: moulding that is just 4 mm wide. From the side, however, its 3-dimensionality becomes apparent.

You can choose from the following product variations: a high-end mounting under acrylic glass, or on aluminum Dibond or Forex®, our favourably priced starter products. Naturally, it comes made to measure, exactly the size you want.

photo in a picture frame

Aluminium ArtBox

In the aluminium ArtBox, your picture is framed by 2 mm of black or silver glazed aluminum. A 4 mm gap between the image and the frame creates the effect the picture is floating. You can choose from four profile depths: 10 mm, 25 mm, 50 mm, or an imposing 75 mm.

Three mounting options are available for your image in an aluminum ArtBox: aluminum Dibond, Forex®, or acrylic glass. The aluminum ArtBox is our recommendation for anyone looking to create a representative home acessory to hang or display prominently.