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The Solid Wood Frame: Multiple Profiles, Thicknesses And Colors

solid wood frame

Strengthen your picture’s impact by selecting a fitting frame profile and color. Our tip: When selecting your frame, think about the interplay between the image and frame. Portraits, landscapes, and organic textures can be accented with rounder, more natural frame profiles, whereas technical or architectural images become more alluring in frames with linear moulding. Select the frame that best fits your style and photos, or make a special impression through deliberate contrast. The choice is yours!

  • Many styles
  • Material: Solid wood
  • Production: Made by hand in our in-house workshop

Certified Museum-Quality Passe-Partouts, Available In Different Colors, Single Or Double

Certified museum-quality passe-partouts, available in different colors, single or double

Our passe-partouts are made from the finest, non-acidic, light-resistant museum card stock – guaranteed to be free of wooden fibres. These mounts are produced with a bevelled edge and then set flush against the images. A total of 10 attractive passe-partout colors are available for you to choose from. To give your image more depth, we recommend laying a second passe-partout over the first. To do this, simply click on “2nd passe-partout” in the configurator. If you decide to have two passe-partouts, we recommend choosing a darker tone for the first passe-partout (the one on the bottom) and a lighter color for the second passe-partout (the one on top).

  • Colors: natural white, black and ivory
  • Material: fine Hahnemühle museum cardboard or linen
  • Profile: 3 - 30 cm
  • 1,4 mm thick passe-partout card stocks, 2 mm thick linen passe-partout

The Different Photo Paper Options: Fine Art Prints

photo paper options passe-partout

All the photo papers which we use at WhiteWall impress us with their bright, rich colors, their sharp detailed reproduction and by being archive-proof for decades. All you have to do is decide which of these premium products best corresponds to your individual ideas of practical application and optical look. In a general sense, they all comply with the highest standards.

  • [1] Hahnemühle Fine Art Print Torchon
  • [2] Hahnemühle Fine Art Print William Turner
  • [3] Hahnemühle Fine Art Print Fine Art Pearl
  • [4] Hahnemühle Fine Art Print Photo Rag

The Different Photo Paper Options: Photo Prints

  • Crystal DP II [1] silk, [2] matte, [3] glossy or [4] velvet finishing
  • [5] Fuji Flex high-gloss
  • Pro Endura [6] glossy or [7] matte
  • [8] Metallic ultraHD
  • Ilford B/W [9] glossy or [10] matte
  • [11] Barytpaper

Choose The Ideal Glass For Your Image From Four Different Types

We offer four varieties of frame glass to ensure that your photos stand out the way you want. While glossy float glass is a classic for gallery-like presentations, the matte version eliminates distracting glare. Acrylic glass, on the other hand, is lighter and shatter-proof. The non-reflective Mirogard museum glass by Schott is arguably the highest-quality frame glass for art presentations.

  • [1] Glossy float glass - a completely harmonious surface without air or material blemishes
  • [2] Matte float glass - prevents distracting reflections
  • [3] Glossy acrylic glass - surprisingly light and shatter-proof
  • [4] Mirogard museum glass - a high-quality glass at art presentations
Create A Customised Passe-Partout Frame
customised passe-partout frame

The gallery frame with passe-partout is particularly suited to portraits, smaller landscapes and cityscapes, as well as black-and-white photographs. This format works particularly well in a so-called “Salon-style hanging”, which is when small and medium-sized images are hung close together, almost as if at random, to create a larger, vibrant composition.

  • Minimum size: 15 x 15 cm
  • Maximum size: 110 x 70 cm

An Integrated Hanging System Comes Standard

WhiteWall delivers your passe-partout frame ready-to-hang. You can add it to your collection as soon as you remove its art-secure packaging, thanks to pre-mounted, metallic hanging elements integrated into the frame.

  • Metal corners on the underside of a passe-partout frame
hanging system passe-partout frame

Passe-partout Frames Are Securely Package And Protected During Transport

Passe-partout Frames Are Securely Package

Extravagant objects need to be properly protected during transport. Our secure packaging is tailor-made to fit your order and ensure the frame reaches you safe and sound.

  • Standard shipping
  • Global Shipping Expertise
ICC Color Profiles

Reliable color management is an absolute must for professionals. ICC color profiles allow exact color matching while taking the print medium and printing technology into account. Download ICC profile.

ICC Color Profiles
Formats & Prices
Formats & Prices
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Gallery frame with passe-partout

Present your favourite images with traditional, refined passe-partouts and classic wooden frames. Use the different materials, colours, and formats that are available to design a harmonious presentation that complements the colours of your photo print – all with just a few clicks in the WhiteWall configurator.