Solid wood ArtBox
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Wall mount included: A value!
Wall-Mount included:
A value!

Solid wood frames:
Choose from Four Colors
Diverse Printing & Mounting Options
True Depth
Part of the price: a picture hanging groove on the reverse
Various types of wood for an individual look
Set the right mood for your picture
The perfect choice for your photograph
Boxlike frame provides a 3D effect
Milled groove on the reverse for immediate hanging
Exact Custom
Ready to
Over 100 Awards &
Brilliant Color

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Custom formats require custom shipping solutions. Our packaging is always made to measure. Your work of art will reach you safe and sound.

Soft-Proofing for Authentic Colors – ICC Color Profiles for Pros
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WhiteWall Creates Space for Your Memories: Wood ArtBoxes for Your Pictures

Get Depth with ArtBoxes, Shadow Box Frames, or Mounting Under Acrylic Glass

Specialty Frames, Materials, and Techniques – Only the Best for Your Pictures

Memories fade over time and cannot be held on to? Not quite. You just have to give them the space they deserve. And we really mean space: Wooden ArtBoxes by WhiteWall are not just frames. Their 3D aspect and the natural material give your picture its very own little room – a purist dream home for very special memories. ArtBoxes in wood evoke a feeling of warmth and are elegantly understated in their purist frame, focusing the view on the picture itself. For the most treasured memories of all, you can choose a shadow box frame, showcasing the depicted sentiment. For more space and depth.

As an alternative to a wooden ArtBox or shadow box frame, you could also choose a frameless product for unrivalled depth of field. Laminates under glossy acrylic glass open up new horizons for your image: The crystal clear material enhances and defines every last detail. The resulting depth creates a dimensionality and colour brilliance for your picture that is as close to your actual memory as it could ever be. Test the various glass thicknesses: 2 mm for a subtle depth effect, 4 mm for gallery standard with an impressive depth, or 6 mm for an amazing 3D effect that lets you dive right in to your memory.

Frames can beautify, complete or accent your pictures for a beautiful visual edge. You are the artist, the decision-maker – we deliver exactly what you want for your picture. Made to your specifications to the exact centimetre. WhiteWall products will leave you wanting more – and there are so many more options with unbeatable quality and diversity. Take a bit of time and look through our various sections, you will be surprised at what you will find. Original photo prints, direct prints and our innovative looks and materials make our range something very special. Something exceptional for exceptional pictures. We have the tools to make the most of your pictures and are always happy to give you fresh new ideas.