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Wall-Mount included:
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Classic and Natural: Your Photo as a Canvas Print on Stretcher Frame

Stretcher Frame

The matte surface of classic canvas gives your photo a lively look with a soft feel. The canvas texture elevates the naturalness your image emanates, making it an especially great choice for portraits and still lifes.

  • Canvas texture
  • Matte surface

A High-Quality 8 Colour Print for Your Photo on Canvas

A High-Quality 8 Colour Print for Your Photo on Canvas

Our photo canvases wrapped on stretcher frames use a premium print that wows with rich, luminous colours. Using a highly advanced, 8-colour Inkjet printing technique, the pictures maintain their brilliance for decades. The inks are encapsulated in resin, which makes the print waterproof and smudge-proof right away.

  • Large colour gamut – Saturated, luminous colours resulting from 8-colour print
  • Dependable coverage through multilayered printing
  • Precise reproduction – High resolution and nuanced hues for outstanding detail

High-Quality Solid Wood Stretcher Frame Is Solid and Stable

High-Quality Solid Wood Stretcher Frame Is Solid and Stable
High-Quality Solid Wood Stretcher Frame Is Solid and Stable

The canvas print is wrapped on a high-quality stretcher frame. Reinforced corners prevent warping. This makes tightening or refitting the canvas later unnecessary. We only use spruce from sustainable forests.

  • 2 cm deep: Standard
  • 4 cm deep: Especially sturdy with a sculptural feel
  • 6 cm deep: Distinct sculptural feel
Mirrored or Wrapped Edges: Your Photo as a Cavas Print on Stretcher Frame

With wrapped edges, the borders of the image extend around the sides. This method is great for images that have a sufficient buffer of image material at the edges. On each side, 3 -5 cm of image (depending on the stretcher frame’s depth) will be wrapped around the frame and will no longer be visible from the front.

Mirrored edges are recommended for pictures that cannot afford to have any part of the picture be less visible. On each side, the outer 3 cm, 5 cm, or 7 cm (depending on the stretcher frame’s depth) are mirrored and printed at the edges before the canvas is wrapped. By mirroring the outer areas of the picture on the sides of the canvas, we ensure your entire photo remains visible from the front.

  • Variations for the edges of the image:
    wrapped [1] or [2] mirrored

Your Photo Canvas in Impressive Sizes: Set Custom Dimensions from Small to Extra Large

Fotoleinwand, Freie Formatwahl

Canvas prints are made in the exact custom dimensions of your choice. From 30 x 20 cm up to sizes as large as 190 x 127 cm. Thanks to their low weight, the Canvas Print On Stretcher Frame is always easy to hang, no matter how big it is. Select from square, portrait, landscape, or panorama formats!

  • Minimum size: 30 x 20 cm
  • Maximum size: 190 x 127 cm

Like a Painting: Your Photo Canvas Framed Upon Request

Your Photo Canvas Framed Upon Request

If you are so inclined, you can select an additional frame for your photo canvas. We offer different models made from high-quality materials in numerous colours.

  • Hamburg frame: In different colours
  • Basel frame: A floater frame in different colours
  • Materials: Solid Wood with a Real Wood Veneer
  • Production: Hand-cut in our own workshop

On the Wall in No Time Flat: Your Photo Canvas Arrives Ready to Hang

Your photo canvas is easy to hang from its own stretcher frame. If you order an additional frame, a series of metal picture hanging supports are mounted to the frame. Either way, your picture arrives ready to exhibit!

  • On the wall in no time flat: Picture can be hung immediately
  • Simple mounting: 2 nails, screws or hooks will suffice
  • Suits your needs: It is also possible to present on a gallery ledge
Your Photo Canvas Arrives Ready to Hang

Secure Protection for Your Canvas Photo: Shipped in Special Art

Leinwandfoto: ArtSecurity-Verpackungen

In our secure art packaging, your photos on canvas are perfectly protected during transit. Made to measure and form-fitting.

For Pros: ICC Colour Profile Matte Canvas

Reliable colour management is a must for pros. For softproofing, the ICC colour profile naturally takes all the important factors into account: the template, the print medium, and the printing technique. Download ICC profile.

Prices for Your Canvas Print On Stretcher Frame

More professionals trust us than they do any other photo lab. We’ve got numerous consumer tests and recommendations from specialist publications that show why.
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Photo Canvas Gallery Wraps: Natural and Authentic
A Warm Look for Your Photo: Canvas or Textile Prints
Try Wood Instead of Canvas for Your Photo Print

Can’t paint? Neither can we. Do you still want to hang up a “proper” picture? One made by you that isn’t paint-by-numbers? No problem! We hav ejust the thing for you: our photo canvas wraps on stretcher frames! Your portraits and still lifes will look natural and authentic, as though they were painted. The best part is, we’ll take care of everything – and we make sure it resembles an authentic piece. We produce your photo on canvas in the highest quality: vivid colours and minute details. Our textile prints with their slightly glossy look are also very popular for their texture, which provides liveliness. Our wood stretcher frames provide stability.

At WhiteWall, the possibilities are endless for giving your picture a classic, warm appearance. Our gallery frames with photo mats, for example, are a classic, high-quality option and one of the most sophisticated products at WhiteWall. An individual passe-partout places additional focus on the photo in the frame of your choice. The museum card has a precise bevel cut and lays flat against your photo. WhiteWall passe-partouts are made of acid-free and extremely non-fade musem card. Top quality in different colours. For even more depth, you can layer two photo mats of different colours. A unique feature that really makes your photo pop!

Wood offers a less sensitive surface than canvas – it is a substrate with a warm, natural look. At WhiteWall, we develop your real photo print on high-quality, brand-name paper and then mount it on wood. To develop your photos, we use brand-name paper: Fuji Crystal DP II. We seal your photo with an ultra-thin, matte or glossy UV protective laminate. Your photo is protected from dust and the colours stay luminous. 75-year brilliant colour, guaranteed. You do not necessarily need to do something yourself for it to be truly special.